Question: Can We Initialize Interface Java?

You do not ‘initialize’ an interface.

If you create a class that ‘implements’ an interface, you are creating a class that gives an implementation for every abstract method that is in that interface.

Can an interface be instantiated directly?

Any class or struct that implements the interface must implement all its members. An interface can’t be instantiated directly. Its members are implemented by any class or struct that implements the interface. Interfaces can contain events, indexers, methods, and properties.

Can Java interface have fields?

An interface in Java is a specification of method prototypes. All the members (methods and fields) of an interface are public. All the methods in an interface are public and abstract (except static and default). All the fields of an interface are public, static and, final by default.

Can interface be instantiated Java 8?

Starting with Java 8, default and static methods may have implementation in the interface definition. Then, in Java 9, private and private static methods were added. At present, a Java interface can have up to six different types. Interfaces cannot be instantiated, but rather are implemented.

Can we just declare a variable in interface without initializing?

jacob deiter wrote: In Java class If any variable is declared then no need to initialize the variable. But In interface if any variable is declared then no need to initialize. per the JLS, every “variable” declared in an interface is implicitly public, static, and final.

WHAT IS interface in OOP?

Interfaces in Object Oriented Programming Languages. An interface is a programming structure/syntax that allows the computer to enforce certain properties on an object (class). For example, say we have a car class and a scooter class and a truck class. Each of these three classes should have a start_engine() action.

Can we create an object of an interface?

NO we cant create an object of an Interface ,we use an Interface to hide the implementations from user. Interface contains only abstract methods and as abstract methods do not have a body (of implementation code) we can not create an object without constructor also .

Can an interface have a constructor?

This is a most frequently asked java interview question. The answer is No, interface cannot have constructors. In order to call any method we need an object since there is no need to have object of interface, there is no need of having constructor in interface (Constructor is being called during creation of object).

Can an interface have variables?

An interface can have methods and variables just like the class but the methods declared in interface are by default abstract (only method signature, no body, see: Java abstract method). Also, the variables declared in an interface are public, static & final by default.

Can an interface extend another interface?

An interface can extend another interface in the same way that a class can extend another class. The extends keyword is used to extend an interface, and the child interface inherits the methods of the parent interface.