Can You Use Vagisil Wash All Over Your Body?

Yes, can be used as an all over body wash because your private area is the most sensitive part of your body, therefore it shall serve as a sensitive skin body wash.

Can you use feminine wash all over your body?

Summer’s Eve’s Cleansing Wash can be used all over the body. Yes, really! It’s clinically-tested by both dermatologists and gynecologists to be gentle enough for your lady parts and to work great as a total body cleanser.

Is vagisil pH balance a body wash?

Vagisil pH balance wash cleanses and nourishes your most delicate, intimate areas without throwing your body off whack. The gentle formulation is gynecologist-tested and clinically proven to help maintain a healthy pH balance to fortify natural defenses.

What does the vagisil wash do?

Vagisil feminine wash has Odor Block Protection to help stop odor from happening. It’s gentle enough to use every day, so now you can start every morning feeling clean for a confidence that lasts all day. The daily feminine wash is gynecologist and clinically-tested and hypoallergenic.

Is vagisil good for your vag?


Only Vagisil® pH Balance Wash has LactoPrebiotic®, which helps nourish the friendly bacteria that naturally occurs in the vagina. It’s formulated at the proper pH for the vaginal area, so you can use it every day to help maintain a healthy pH, and feel fresh and clean.

How do you keep your VAG smelling good?

The following techniques may help you naturally eliminate unusual vaginal odors:

  • Practice good hygiene. Clean the outside of your vagina regularly with a washcloth and mild soap.
  • Use only exterior deodorizing products.
  • Change your underwear.
  • Consider a pH product.
  • Try essential oils.
  • Soak in vinegar.
  • Prescription treatments.

What is the best feminine wash?

10 Best Feminine Washes Review 2018

  1. Lemisol Plus Gentle Daily Cleanser.
  2. Oleavine Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree and Neem for Body.
  3. Organyc Intimate Wash.
  4. Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash for Sensitive Skin.
  5. Organic Glide Probiotic Natural Feminine Intimate Body Wash.

Can vagisil go inside?


Does vagisil work for smell?

At one time or another, almost every woman deals with feminine odor. And no wonder — you have thousands of sweat glands in your intimate area. Only Vagisil Vaginal Wash has Odor Block Protection to help stop odor from happening.

How do you know if your pH balance is off?

Signs and symptoms of an unbalanced vaginal pH

  • a foul or fishy smell.
  • unusual white, gray, or green discharge.
  • vaginal itching.
  • burning when you urinate.

Is Dove a good soap for your vag?

Nope! You don’t have to use soap to wash your vulva, according to Mayo Clinic. If you want to use soap, choose a soap that’s unscented, mild, and colorless. Fragranced soap can irritate the sensitive skin in and around the vulva.

What can I use instead of douching?

Alternatives to douching

The easiest way is by washing with water when bathing or showering. A non-fragranced wash can be used, or one designed for vaginal use that will not upset the natural pH balance of the vagina.

What is the best feminine wash for odor?

Top 10 Best Feminine Washes of 2020 – Reviews

  1. 6Sliquid Organics Balance Splash Gentle Feminine Wash.
  2. 5Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash Island Splash.
  3. 4Luvena Therapeutic Feminine Wash.
  4. 3The Honey Pot – pH Balanced Feminine Wash.
  5. 2Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Plus Daily Wash, White Jasmine.

How do I know if I stink?

Smell every part of your clothing and look for wet spots where you’ve been sweating. Sweat usually means bacteria, and bacteria is what gives off the stench. Now go by the golden rule of body odor: If you can smell any odor on yourself at all, others can smell it a lot more.

What fruits make your VAG taste better?

Cigarettes, caffeine, red meat, onions, and garlic make it taste worse. For the ladies, our sister site Jezebel recommends pineapple, celery, yogurt, red grapes, cranberry juice, lots of water, mint, watermelon, and strawberries.

Does unbalanced pH cause odor?

When your pH is unhealthy, you will likely notice an unpleasant odor, which is a sign of an imbalance like a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. When your pH is unhealthy, the two key signs are odor and discharge.