Quick Answer: How Big Is A Word?

Data structures containing such different sized words refer to them as WORD (16 bits/2 bytes), DWORD (32 bits/4 bytes) and QWORD (64 bits/8 bytes) respectively.

How big is a word in bytes?

2 bytes

Is a word 16 or 32 bits?

There’s no universal name for 16-bit or 32-bit units of measurement. The term ‘word’ is used to describe the number of bits processed at a time by a program or operating system. So, in a 16-bit CPU, the word length is 16 bits. In a 32-bit CPU, the word length is 32 bits.

What is a 16 bit word?

A word is typically the “native” data size of the CPU. That is, on a 16-bit CPU, a word is 16 bits, on a 32-bit CPU, it’s 32 and so on.

What is the word size of a 64 bit computer?

In simple cases, a 32 bit processor will have a 32 bit “word” size (and pointer size). A 64 bit processor will have a 64 bit “word” size (and pointer size).

How many bits does it take to spell the word yes?

If “yes” is part of some larger hunk of data, that larger hunk might be worth encoding in some way that takes advantage of not all strings being equally likely—with “yes” (or looking at the letters, “e” and “s”) being common in English, it might well take less than the 24 bits of ASCII, or the 18 bits of half-ASCII.

What is double word?

A double word is a single unit of data expressing two adjacent words (a word is a standard unit of data for a certain processor architecture). For instance, if a single word is 16-bits in size, a double word would be 32-bits. A double word can doubled a second time, which turns it into a very long word that is 64-bits.