Quick Answer: How Do I Enable Audio Output Device?

How do I install an audio output device?

Use the Hardware Driver Reinstaller in HP Recovery Manager to install the original audio device driver.

  • In Windows, search for and open Recovery Manager.
  • Click Hardware Driver Reinstallation, and then select the audio driver from the list. note:
  • Click Finish to restart the computer, and then test for sound.

How do I enable an output device in Windows 10?

This option is only available in Windows 10.

  1. Open Settings, and click/tap on the System icon.
  2. Click/tap on Sound on the left side, select the sound output device (ex: speakers) under Output on the right side, and click/tap on the Device properties link. (

What is audio output device?

The term “audio output device” refers to any device that attaches to a computer for the purpose of playing sound, such as music or speech. The term can also refer to a computer sound card.

What is no audio output device installed?

Method 2: Manually uninstall & reinstall the device driver

1) Still in Device Manager, once again expand Sound, video and game controllers, right-click on your audio device, and click Uninstall to uninstall the driver. 2) Restart your PC. After restarting, Windows should automatically re-install the sound driver.

How do I fix No audio output device?

How to fix the “No Audio Output Device Is Installed” error after the Windows 10 Update

  • Open Device Manager (Open the start menu, type Device Manager and press enter) and select System Devices (close to the end of the list).
  • Locate Intel Smart Sound Technology driver (SST).

Why is my sound not working?

Switch the audio format to fix no sound on computer

If setting your device as default doesn’t work, you can try to change the audio format. 1) Right click the volume icon at the bottom right corner, and click Playback devices. 2) Select your audio device in the Playback tab, and click Properties.

How do I turn on Realtek Audio Driver?

Way 1. Enable Realtek HD Audio Manager Startup in Windows 10 Task Manager

  1. User shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.
  2. Select the Startup tab.
  3. If the Status of Realtek HD Audio Manager is Disable, you can right-click it and select the Enable.

How do I enable my speakers?

To turn on your speakerphone, first dial a number and press the call button. You’ll then see an option for “Speaker” or an image of a speaker. Simply press this button to turn on speakerphone.

How do I fix No audio output device Windows 10?

1. Update Sound Driver to Fix “No Audio Output Device Is Installed” Error

  • Scan Your PC. Click the “Scan” button to make Driver Talent start a full scan of your PC.
  • Download and Update Sound Driver. Once there are faulty audio drivers, you could click “Repair” to automatically fix the problem.
  • Reboot Your PC.

Is a screen an output device?

Monitors, commonly called as Visual Display Unit (VDU), are the main output device of a computer. It forms images from tiny dots, called pixels that are arranged in a rectangular form. The sharpness of the image depends upon the number of pixels. There are two kinds of viewing screen used for monitors.

Is sound card an output device?

Sound card. Alternatively referred to as an audio output device, sound board, or audio card. A sound card is an expansion card or IC for producing sound on a computer that can be heard through speakers or headphones.

How is a headphone an output device?

Sometimes referred to as earphones, headphones are a hardware output device that either plug into a computer line out or speakers. Headphones allow you to listen to audio or watch a movie without disturbing people around you. To have the sound output for headphones and speakers, you need to use USB headphones.

How do I get my sound back on Windows 7?

For Windows 7, I used this and hope it will work for all Windows flavors:

  1. Right click on My Computer.
  2. Chose Manage.
  3. Select Device Manager in the left panel.
  4. Expand Sound, video and game controllers.
  5. Find your audio driver and right click on it.
  6. Chose Disable.
  7. Right click on the audio driver again.
  8. Chose Enable.

How do I get my sound back on Windows 10?

To fix audio issues in Windows 10, just open the Start and enter Device Manager. Open it and from a list of devices, find your sound card, open it and click on the Driver tab. Now, select the Update Driver option. Windows should be able to look at the internet and update your PC with the latest sound drivers.

How do I manually install a driver?

Click Start, then right-click My Computer (or Computer) and click Manage. In the Computer Management window, on the left, click Device Manager. Click the + sign in front of the device category for which you wish to install the driver. Right-click the device, and select Update Driver Software.