Quick Answer: Is Assembler A Compiler?

Is assembler a part of compiler?

An assembler is functionally similar to a compiler, in that it translates source code into machine language (a low-level language).

What is the difference between Assembler compiler and interpreter?

The main difference between compiler interpreter and assembler is that compiler converts the whole high level language program to machine language at a time while interpreter converts high level language program to machine language line by line and assembler converts assembly language program to machine language.

Is assembler a translator?

Assembler. An assembler is is a translator used to translate assembly language to machine language. It is like a compiler for the assembly language but interactive like an interpreter. Assembly language is difficult to understand as it is a low-level programming language.

Which compiler is used for assembly language?

Some compilers, such as the Microsoft C compiler, compile C and C++ source code directly into machine code. GCC on the other hand compiles C and C++ into assembly language, and an assembler is used to convert that into the appropriate machine code.