Quick Answer: Is Windows Losing Market Share?

What is the market share of Microsoft?

In the area of desktop and laptop computers, Microsoft Windows is generally above 70% in most markets and at 77% globally, Apple’s macOS at around 13%, Google’s ChromeOS at about 6% (in the US) and Linux at around 2%.

Which operating system has the most market share?

In April 2019, Windows had a desktop market share of 79.24%. Windows 10 had a desktop/laptop market share of 39.22%. This established it as the most popular operating system on the market. Windows 7 was used by 33.38%.

Does anyone still use DOS?

Microsoft even still offers a version of MS-DOS for embedded systems to device manufacturers. Because of how close to the hardware FreeDOS is, it’s been used as a teaching tool for serial device programming, driver development, and as a developer platform for other embedded DOS environments.

Windows is perhaps the most popular operating system for personal computers globally. Windows is very popular because it is pre-loaded in majority of the new personal computers. Compatibility. A Windows PC is compatible with most software programs in the market.

Who owns Microsoft now?

Steve Ballmer

Who are Microsoft’s competitors?

The top 10 competitors in Microsoft’s competitive set are Apple, Cisco, Google, Facebook, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Okta and Proofpoint.