Question: What Does Arm Away Mean?

What is arm and disarm?

The Arm/Disarm feature allows you to put the camera to sleep when you want it to stop recording entirely.

This also prolongs the camera’s battery life.

Aut Arm/Disarm puts the camera to sleep when you are physically in the space where the camera is located..

How do you arm and disarm ADT?

To remotely arm or disarm your system, log into the Pulse app and you’ll see a large red or green icon on your dashboard.To arm your system, tap the green icon.Choose if you’d like to arm your system STAY or AWAY.STAY is used to arm the system with people or pets inside the premises.More items…

Can you arm and disarm Simplisafe remotely?

Like arming your system, you can press the off button on your keychain remote, or your smart phone app. You can do these from outside your home, or inside. You can also enter your home and disarm your system by entering your PIN on the keypad.

Can you arm ADT remotely?

ADT access control provides remote monitoring for your Smartphone, iPad or web-enabled computer to see the status of your alarm. … All it takes is the installation of a wireless home security network, which then lets you monitor your home security system as easily as you check your e-mail or send text messages.

What arm stay means?

Arm Stay is for when you are at home and awake. Security features are activated as in Arm Away, but Motion Sensors are not (so you don’t trip the alarm while you’re in the house). Exit Delay for Arm Stay.

What does ADT armed Stay mean?

Press the Arm Stay button. Use this option when people or large pets will remain in the house. This will arm all ADT Door and Window Detectors, but will not arm any ADT Motion Detectors. The alarm will be activated if a protected door or window is opened.

What is the difference between stay and night on alarm system?

Briefly, the stay setting is to be used during the daytime, while you’re staying in your home. The night setting, while also to be used when you’re in the home, is to be used at night time when your movement is more limited.

What’s the difference between Arm stay and arm away?

Armed Stay is designed for when you plan on arming the system and staying in the home. … Armed Away is for when you plan on arming the system and leaving the home. Again, an even wittier name. Arming in the Away Mode will not automatically bypass any sensors, and the entire system, including motion sensors will be armed.

What is the difference between ARM stay and ARM night?

Arm Night is exactly the same as Arm Stay. The only difference is that any Interior Zones with the Arm Night setting enabled will not be bypassed when the system is set to Arm Night mode. Please note that you will only see the Arm Night option if you have at least one sensor with the Arm Night option enabled.

What is ADT quick exit?

The quick exit method temporarily disarms the. entry/exit doors and automatically arms them again after a brief period of time (generally, 120 seconds, depending on your system configuration).

What is stay mode?

Stay mode means simply that you are arming the system and staying in the house. You will be walking around so the motion detectors do not turn on. That is why they are set as interior protection, so they don’t cause an alarm while you are home.

What does alarm Stay Mode mean?

Use the Stay function on the keypad when you are going to remain at home. When your alarm is in Stay mode all of the interior zones, such as the motion detectors will be circumvented. They will not detect trouble.