What Are The Different Types Of General Purpose Computer?

general-purpose computer – Computer Definition

All mainframes, servers, laptop and desktop computers, smartphones and tablets are general-purpose devices.

In contrast, chips can be designed from scratch for only a fixed number of tasks, but this is not cost effective in small quantities (see ASIC).

What is a general purpose computer system?

A general-purpose computer is one that, given the appropriate application and required time, should be able to perform most common computing tasks. The term is used to differentiate general-purpose computers from other types, in particular the specialized embedded computers used in intelligent systems.

What are general and special purpose computers?

A general purpose computer is used for different programs for different functions. A speical-purpose computer is designed for special functions only. It is usually made to do one thing only. It cannot be used to surf the internet or play games.

What is the general purpose?

Specific Purpose Statement. The general purpose of any speech will be either to Inform; Motivate/Persuade; or Entertain your audience. As soon as you know the general purpose of your speech you can develop your Specific Purpose Statement (What the speaker will accomplish).

What is a general purpose register?

General purpose registers in 8086 microprocessor. General purpose registers are used to store temporary data within the microprocessor. It is of 16 bits and is divided into two 8-bit registers BH and BL to also perform 8-bit instructions. It is used to store the value of the offset.

Why computer is general purpose?

General purpose computers are designed to perform a wide variety of functions and operations. A general purpose computer is able to perform a wide variety of operations because it can store and execute different programs in its internal storage.

What is a general purpose machine?

In contrast to a special-purpose computer, a general-purpose computer is not designed to solve any particular problem. A general-purpose computer is characterized by a large memory that is organized according to the hierarchical principle, a well-developed man/machine interface, and branching operations.

What is a multi purpose computer?

Multipurpose computer boards are utilized in many applications. A modem/fax card allows the transfer of any sort of files between computers. Serial/parallel adapters can be effectively used to connect cellular phones, PDAs, digital cameras, modems, or ISDN terminal adapters through a USB port.

What are special purpose applications?

Special purpose application software is a type of software created to execute one specific task. For example, a camera application on your phone will only allow you to take and share pictures. Other examples of special purpose application software are web browsers, calculators, media players, calendar programs etc.

What is a general statement example?

General Statements are usually the topic sentence or the main idea of the paragraph Example: General Statement: Birds are Insect Controllers. Statements are the supporting information for the topic sentence or main idea. while Specific Specific Statement: • A 3-ounce baby bird will eat 5 ½ ounces of insects.

What is a specific statement?

Specific ideas and statements offer that support. They usually clarify, explain, and illustrate general ideas and statements by referring to particular individuals, ideas, or things. They also tend to express distinct characteristics that define those individuals, ideas, and things.

How do you write a general purpose statement?

Your Specific Statement of Purpose

To form a clear and succinct statement of the specific purpose of your speech, start by naming your general purpose (to inform, to persuade, or to entertain). Follow this by a capsule description of your audience (my peers in class, a group of kindergarten teachers, etc.).