Question: What Are The Four Main Components Of Any General Purpose Computer?

What are the four main components of any general-purpose computer?

The four main components are main memory, arithmetic and logic unit, control unit, and input/output (I/O).


What is the purpose of computer components?

There are five main hardware components in a computer system: Input, Processing, Storage, Output and Communication devices. Are devices used for entering data or instructions to the central processing unit. Are classifie according to the method they use to enter data.

What are the key characteristics of a computer family?

The key characteristics of a computer family are : Similar or identical instruction set: In many cases, the exact same set of machine is instructions are supported on all members of the family.

Chapter # 02 / Computer Evolution and Performance

  • Transistors.
  • Resistors.
  • Capacitors.

What are the major components of a computer?

For typical desktop computers, the processor, main memory, secondary memory, power supply, and supporting hardware are housed in a metal case. Many of the components are connected to the main circuit board of the computer, called the motherboard. The power supply supplies power for most of the components.

What are the four component of a computer?

A computer has four main components: Input Units, the central processing unit or CPU, the Primary memory, and Output units.

  1. Input Unit – The devices to input information, such as a keyboard, and mouse.
  2. CPU – The CPU is further broken up into ALU, Control Unit, and Instruction Unit.

What are the 7 major components of a computer?

Your basic computer consists of seven major parts:

  • Motherboard.
  • Processor/CPU.
  • Power Supply.
  • Hard Drive.
  • PCI-Express Cards.
  • Graphics Cards.
  • RAM/Memory.

What are the 10 parts of computer?

10 Parts that make up a Computer

  1. Memory.
  2. Hard Drive or Solid State Drive.
  3. Video card.
  4. Motherboard.
  5. Processor.
  6. Power Supply.
  7. Monitor.
  8. Keyboard and Mouse.

What are the three principal constituents of a computer system?

The four main components are main memory, arithmetic and logic unit, control unit, and input/output (I/O). 3. At the integrated circuit level, what are the three principal constituents of a computer system? They are gates, memory cells, and interconnections among the elements.

What is a computer family?

A computer family is a category of computers with the same designs and microprocessors that are compatible with each other. A good example of different computer families are the IBM or PC family versus the Apple or Mac family of computers.

Is the internal microprocessor controlling a disk drive an example of an embedded system?

b)Is the internal microprocessor controlling a disk drive an example of an embeddedsystem? Ans: Yes, regardless of what the disk drive is used for. Ans: No, because that computer may be general purpose computer that is not part of a largesystem.

What is CPU and how does it work?

The computer does its primary work in a part of the machine we cannot see, a control center that converts data input to information output. This control center, called the central processing unit (CPU), is a highly complex, extensive set of electronic circuitry that executes stored program instructions.

What is ROM in computer?

Short for read-only memory, ROM is a storage medium that is used with computers and other electronic devices. Unlike RAM (random access memory), ROM is non-volatile, which means it keeps its contents regardless of whether or not it has power.

What is RAM and ROM in computer?

RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory) are types of computer memory that provide users with access to information stored on a computer. Data in RAM is not permanently written. When you power off your computer the data stored in RAM is deleted. ROM is a type of non- volatile memory.

How many parts are there in computer?


What is the meaning of CPU?

CPU (pronounced as separate letters) is the abbreviation for central processing unit. Sometimes referred to simply as the central processor, but more commonly called a processor, the CPU is the brains of the computer where most calculations take place.

What is the smallest unit of storage?

The smallest unit of data in a computer is called Bit (Binary Digit). A bit has a single binary value, either 0 or 1. In most computer systems, there are eight bits in a byte.