Quick Answer: What Are The Two Categories Of A Computer?

So what are these categories of computer types?

There are five main ones: supercomputers, mainframe computers, minicomputers, microcomputers, and finally mobile computers.

What are the two main categories of computer hardware?

  • Inside a personal computer: Monitor. Motherboard. CPU(Microprocessor. Main memory(RAM) Expansion cards. Power supply unit. Optical disc drive. Hard disk drive (HDD). Keyboard. Mouse.
  • An example of a serial port.
  • Graphics Card.
  • Close-up of a Sound Card.
  • Network Interface Card.

What are the 3 categories of computers?

Chapter 3: Categories & Classification of Computer

  1. 1) Personal computers.
  2. 2) Computers and mobile devices.
  3. 5) Server.
  4. 4) Mainframes.
  5. 5) Supercomputers.
  6. 6) Embedded computer.
  7. Home user is a family member who uses a computer for a variety of reasons such as budgeting and a personal financial management, web access, communications, and entertainment.

What are the types computer?

The four basic types of computers are there:

  • Supercomputer.
  • Mainframe Computer.
  • Minicomputer.
  • Microcomputer.

How do you classify a computer in various categories?

According to functionality, Type of computers are classified as :

  1. Analog Computer.
  2. Digital Computer.
  3. Hybrid Computer (Analog + Digital)
  4. Super Computer.
  5. Mainframe Computer.
  6. Mini Computer.
  7. Micro Computer or Personal Computer.
  8. Workstations.

What are the 5 types of hardware?

There are five parts of computer hardware that can be found in most computer systems, from smart phones to desktop computers: processor, primary storage, secondary storage, input devices and output devices.

What are the 3 types of software?

The three types of computer software’s are systems software, programming software and applications software.

What are the 7 types of computers?

Examples of Different Computer Types

  • Supercomputers. Supercomputers are Very Fast and Most Powerful.
  • Mainframe Computers. Mainframe computers — These are large and expensive computer types capable of supporting hundreds, or even thousands, of users simultaneously.
  • Minicomputers. Minicomputers — Minicomputers are mid sized computers.
  • Microcomputer.

What are the 5 classification of computer?

When classified according to size and capacity, the following types of computers can be identified: supercomputers, mainframe computers, minicomputers, microcomputers and embedded computers.

What are the 10 types of computers?

Types of computers

  1. 1 Supercomputer.
  2. 2 Mainframe.
  3. 3 Server Computer.
  4. 4 Workstation Computer.
  5. 5 Personal Computer or PC.
  6. 6 Microcontroller.
  7. 7 Smartphone.