What Are The Two Types Of Preventive Maintenance?

Five types of maintenance are in fact recurrent in the industry: corrective, preventive, condition-based, predictive and predetermined.

These concepts are not always easy to understand or are not well-known by certain people, that’s why they need to be cleared up.

What are the types of preventive maintenance?

Four common types of preventive maintenance (PM) include:

  • Calendar-based maintenance. A recurring work order is scheduled for when a specified time interval is reached in the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).
  • Usage-based maintenance.
  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Prescriptive maintenance.

What are the 3 types of maintenance?

…See moreIndeed there are more than main three types as the following: 1- corrective maintenance. 2- preventive maintenance(scheduled). 3-perdective maintenance. 4-reliability centered maintenance RCM. 5- proactive maintenance.

What are the types of maintenance strategies?

Today we’re going to compare the four most common types of maintenance strategies, their pros and cons, and when they are most effective.

  1. Reactive maintenance (breakdown maintenance)
  2. Preventive maintenance (scheduled)
  3. Predictive maintenance (PdM)
  4. Reliability-centred maintenance (RCM)

What are the types of building maintenance?

Types of maintenance

  • Planned maintenance: Carried out on a regular basis, such as servicing boilers.
  • Preventive maintenance: Carried out in order to keep something in working order or extend its life, such as replacing cracked roofing tiles before inclement weather.