What Is A Full Array LED Backlight?

Direct backlighting (sometimes referred to as Full-array) means there are LEDs placed all over behind a TV’s LCD panel.

Edge-lit TVs only have LEDs along the sides of the screen (usually two opposing sides), and these LEDs are responsible for lighting the entire screen.

Is full array better than edge lit?

And because there are generally more LEDs on Full Array TVs than Edge Lit, local dimming is finer, more targeted, and produces deeper, darker, richer images that make what you’re watching on the screen virtually come to life. In the Full Array LED vs. Edge Lit TV comparison, Full Arrays come out on top.

What does backlight mean on TV?

In an LCD/LED TV, the backlight is like the flashlight that lights the puppet show. In a sun-drenched living room, a brighter backlight allows the TV to compete with that brightness, reducing glare. In a dim basement, a darker backlight makes the TV easier on the eyes.

What is Sony full array LED?

Full Array LED with local dimming brings more realistic peaks of brightness, more accurate shadow detail, and deeper blacks than standard LED TVs. On a Sony Full Array LED TV with local dimming, you get a beautiful, natural picture with crisp brightness and an authentically dark background.

What is led direct lit?

Direct-lit LED backlights are an offshoot of full-array backlighting, in that they use LEDs spread across the entire back panel of the TV. (The TV’s spec page may just refer to these TVs as having a full-array backlight.) In fact, they more closely resemble LCD TVs with CCFL backlights.

Is direct or edge backlight better?

Direct LED backlighting can help lower panel-manufacturing cost. However, direct LED backlighting is comparatively thicker than edge LED—the latter is best for a slim design—because the LED array of direct backlights must be kept at a specific distance from the diffuser plate in the backlight module.

Which is better backlit or edge lit LED TV?

The main difference between the Edge Lit LED TV and the Backlit appearance is the thickness of the television. However the Backlit does offer superb picture quality, better than the Edge Lit. Dimming. While the Edge Lit is cheaper than the Backlit, the Backlit has every reason to be more expensive.