What Is A Laptop Used For?

A laptop is a personal computer that is small enough to sit in a person’s lap, and is designed for mobile uses.

Also called notebooks, laptops are smaller, thinner and lighter than most desktop PCs, and as of 2011, many laptops included powerful capabilities that rivaled desktops.

What is the purpose of the laptop?

Laptops are fully functional computers that are designed for portability and convenience. When compared to a desktop tower computer, laptops are smaller, weigh less, have fewer components and consume less power.

How is a laptop useful to students?

One of the biggest advantages of laptops is that they allow students to access information wherever they can get an Internet connection. Greater access to notes and educational tools like education programs and websites can improve student performance in the classroom.

What are the main features of a laptop?

The speciality in laptop computers include light weight and lower energy consumption. Also they are less noisy and easy to handle. Similar to desktop computers the laptop computers include mother board, processor, hard disk, memory, graphic card, keyboard, mouse and display device. ery life etc.

What are the different types of laptops?


  • Traditional laptop.
  • Subnotebook.
  • Netbook.
  • Convertible, hybrid, 2-in-1.
  • Desktop replacement.
  • Rugged laptop.
  • Business laptop.
  • Display.

Who made the first laptop?

Adam Osborne

Do computers help students learn?

More and more school districts and higher education institutions are seeing the many benefits of using computers in the classroom. Using computers to enhance classroom learning not only helps the students learn, but it helps teachers teach their students more information.