What Is An Example Of A Web Application?

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What are examples of web based applications?

Top examples of web-based applications:

  • Google Docs.
  • Pixlr.com.
  • CodePen.io.
  • Evernote and Trello.
  • Netflix.
  • Think Dropbox.
  • Gmail.

What is considered a web application?

A web application is a software program which a user accesses over an internal network, or via the internet through a web browser. An example of one of the most widely used web applications is Google Docs, which facilitates most of the capabilities of Microsoft Word; it’s free and easy to use from any location.

What are desktop applications examples?

Desktop applications are simply programs that can be run on your computer without needing to use a browser.

Examples of some applications:

  1. Windows File Explorer (to find files on your computer)
  2. Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, etc.)
  3. Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  4. Adobe Photoshop.

Is Facebook a Web application?

Basically it started off like a website, went to web based app and now is a web platform with native clients in almost every platform and API’s used by third party websites. So I think the answer is that Facebook is a web platform since developers can create their own applications.

What are the types of Web applications?

Based on this, we have up to 6 different types of web applications.

  • Static Web Applications.
  • Dynamic Web Applications.
  • Shop online or e-commerce.
  • Portal web app.
  • Animated Web Applications.
  • Web applications with a content management system.

What are the functions of Web application?

Web applications on the other hand are less focused on marketing and more on functionality to fulfill specific business purpose (submitting, storing, searching, and retrieving data). Web applications are software that runs on the web to provide some kind of service or to improve efficiency.