What Is External System Unit?

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What are the external parts of system unit?

Overview of Computer System Unit Parts

  • The Computer System Unit. The system unit is the box-like case that contains the electronic components of a computer.
  • Parts of the Unit. These are some of the major components you are going to find inside your system unit.
  • The Motherboard.
  • Hard Disk Drive.
  • Floppy Disk Drive.
  • Power Supply Unit.
  • CD-ROM Drive.

What are the internal and external parts of the system unit?

External and Internal Computer Components

  1. Disk Drive-Allows a computer to play CD’s or DVD’s.
  2. Cables-The cables connect every electronic device together to connect the circuit and allow everything to work.
  3. Heat sink- Necessary to have a CPU cooler.
  4. Modem-Connects hardware and signal.

What is internal and external computer?

Internal is a term used to describe a device that is installed in the computer. For example, a video card is an internal device and a printer is an external device. When referring to a drive, an internal drive (e.g., internal hard drive) is any drive inside the computer.

What is the system unit?

The system unit, also known as a “tower” or “chassis,” is the main part of a desktop computer. It includes the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and other components. The term “system unit” is often used to differentiate between the computer and peripheral devices, such as the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Is a monitor internal or external?

Peripheral devices can be external or internal. Examples of external peripherals include mouse, keyboard, printer, monitor, external Zip drive or scanner. Examples of internal peripherals include CD-ROM drive, CD-R drive or internal modem.

Is CPU internal or external?

A motherboard provides the electrical connections by which the other components of the system communicate. The mother board includes many components. Such as: central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (RAM), firmware, and internal and external buses.

Is CPU a storage device?

Storage hierarchy

Computer data storage devices are also classified by their distance from the processor, or CPU. The closest storage is memory, or RAM. This is the only kind of data storage that directly accesses the CPU. For most personal computers, secondary storage is the main data storage device.

Is RAM internal or external?

Internal memory is split into two categories, ROM and RAM. Internal memory is also called the prime or main memory and can store small amounts of data that can be accessed quickly while the computer is running. Examples of external memory are portable hard disks, USBs and compact discs.

What are external devices?

external device – Computer Definition

Any peripheral device that is not housed inside the computer cabinet. Monitors, keyboards, mice and printers are inherently external devices; however, drives, network adapters and modems may also be external. See external drive, external modem and USB adapter.

What is ROM in computer?

Short for read-only memory, ROM is a storage medium that is used with computers and other electronic devices. Unlike RAM (random access memory), ROM is non-volatile, which means it keeps its contents regardless of whether or not it has power.

What are the parts of CPU?

The two typical components of a CPU include the following:

  • The arithmetic logic unit (ALU), which performs arithmetic and logical operations.
  • The control unit (CU), which extracts instructions from memory and decodes and executes them, calling on the ALU when necessary.

What is inside of CPU?


The central processing unit (CPU), also called a processor, is located inside the computer case on the motherboard. It is sometimes called the brain of the computer, and its job is to carry out commands. The CPU is usually a two-inch ceramic square with a silicon chip located inside.