What Is System Maintenance Plan?

System Maintenance planning begins early in the acquisition process with development of a maintenance concept.

Maintenance planning is conducted to evolve and establish requirements and tasks to be accomplished for achieving, restoring, and maintaining operational capability for the life of the system.

What Is system maintenance?

System maintenance is an ongoing activity, which covers a wide variety of activities, including removing program and design errors, updating documentation and test data and updating user support.

What Is system maintenance and its types?

There are four types of maintenance, namely, corrective, adaptive, perfective, and preventive. Corrective maintenance deals with the repair of faults or defects found in day-today system functions.

Why system maintenance is required?

Why Software Maintenance Is Necessary? Maintaining a system is equally important as Web Application Development. It keeps solutions healthy to deal with changing technical and business environment. It introduces technical advancements almost every day that improve solution efficiency to streamline business operations.

What Is system maintenance in system analysis and design?

System Maintenance / Enhancement

Maintenance means restoring something to its original conditions. It is an important part of system development that includes the activities which corrects errors in system design and implementation, updates the documents, and tests the data.