Quick Answer: What Is The Definition Of Building Maintenance?

Building maintenance is the combination of technical and administrative actions to ensure the items and elements of a building in an acceptable standard to perform its required function.


What is the meaning of building maintenance?

Maintenance is the process of ensuring that buildings and other assets retain a good appearance and operate at optimum efficiency. Maintenance can help: Prevent the process of decay and degradation. Maintain structural stability and safety. Prevent unnecessary damage from the weather or from general usage.

What is the purpose of building maintenance?

The objectives of building maintenance works are:

(i) To preserve machinery, building and services, in good operating condition. (ii) To restore it back to its original standards, and. (iii) To improve the facilities depending upon the development that is taking place in the building engineering.

How do you maintain a building?

Ten Tips for Operating and Maintaining High Performance Buildings

  • Know Your Goals. This is the most important, foundational element.
  • Measure and Monitor.
  • Implement Standard Requirements.
  • Keep Up With Your Maintenance Program.
  • Walk Around the Building.
  • If It Doesn’t Need To Run, Turn It Off.
  • Test Sequences of Operation.
  • Trend Your Data.

What is structural maintenance?

Aircraft Structural Maintenance personnel are experts in the maintenance and repair of non-metal aircraft parts and components, including tubing, sealants, and protective coatings. Position: Enlisted. AFSC: 2A7X3. Specific Tasks: Repair or replace plastic, fiberglass, bonded structures, and bonded honeycomb assemblies.