What Is The Importance Of Packaging?

The purpose of product packaging is to protect the product from damage.

Product packaging not only protects the product during transit from the manufacturer to the retailer, but it also prevents damage while the product sits on retail shelves.

Most products have some form of packaging.

What is the importance of food packaging?

Packaging is an essential medium for preserving food quality, minimising food wastage and reducing preservatives used in food. The packaging serves the important function of containing the food, protecting against chemical and physical damage whilst providing information essential to consumers and marketers.

What is the importance of packaging in branding?

Branding and packaging play a role to help facilitate a purchase decision. Branding and attractive packaging make the potential customer interested in buying your products. The packaging on the product also serves as information about your product. This information also helps facilitate the customer’s buying decision.

What are the functions of packaging?

The basic function of packaging is to protect the contents from damage, dust, dirt, leakage, pilferage, evaporation, watering, contamination and so on. Packaging helps in the protection of the contents of the products. Seasonal fluctuations in demand may be smoothed out through packaging.

What is important when choosing packaging for products?

The main function of packaging is to prevent damage when transporting the product from manufacturer to store and then from store to someone’s home. Choosing paper, plastic, aluminum or some other substance is of great importance, because to market the product well means that it must also look great.

What are the types of packaging?

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of packaging options you can use to enhance your product & customer experience!

  • Paperboard boxes. Paperboard is a paper-based material that is lightweight, yet strong.
  • Corrugated boxes.
  • Plastic boxes.
  • Rigid boxes.
  • Chipboard packaging.
  • Poly bags.
  • Foil sealed bags.

What is the purpose of food packaging?

Definition and Function of Food Packaging. Packaging provides essential protection from the environment and from chemical and physical challenges, thereby playing a crucial role in protecting the quality and safety of food products.