Question: What Is The Importance Of Preventive Maintenance?

Here are other important benefits of a properly operated preventive maintenance program: Equipment downtime is decreased and the number of major repairs are reduced.

Better conservation of assets and increased life expectancy of assets, thereby eliminating premature replacement of machinery and equipment.

What is the purpose of preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance refers to planned maintenance designed to prevent equipment from breaking down. Taking active steps to keep equipment in good condition is usually more efficient than repairing or replacing equipment after it breaks or fails.

How important is preventive maintenance checklist?

Why Preventive Maintenance Is So Important

  • Cost Savings. Companies that rely solely on reactive maintenance are essentially waiting for a problem to happen, and this can often be a very costly move.
  • Improved Safety.
  • Increased Equipment Efficiency.
  • Decreased Equipment Downtime.
  • Improved Reliability.
  • Conservation of Assets.

Why is routine maintenance important?

The Importance of Routine Maintenance for Your Car. Good maintenance habits can prevent breakdowns, eliminating the related safety concerns, inconvenience, and costly repairs. Keeping the car in good shape may prevent wrecks due to a significant engine malfunction or brake failure.