Quick Answer: What’s Another Word For Computer Programs?

nouncomputer program

  • operating system.
  • program.
  • spreadsheet.
  • freeware.
  • groupware.
  • shareware.
  • application software.
  • bundled software.

What is another name for a computer program?

Software is an alternate name for computer programs and information. Hence, the correct option is C. Basically, software is a set of instructions and data which have some specific meanings.

Is a program another term for software?

A software program is commonly defined as a set of instructions, or a set of modules or procedures, that allow for a certain type of computer operation. The term is also often used interchangeably with terms like “software application” and “software product.”

What is the synonym of system?

system. orderliness, regularity, conformity, logical order, definite plan, arrangement, rule, reduction to order, systematic procedure, systematic arrangement, logical process, orderly process; see also order 3.

What is a software give example?

Examples of application software include office suites, gaming applications, database systems and educational software. Application software can be a single program or a collection of small programs.