Why Building Maintenance Is Important?

Why is Proper Building Maintenance Important?

Maintaining your building premises is necessary in order to preserve the assets and protect the building the building occupants.

Proper building maintenance makes sure that the building and the environment remain healthy, clean and a safe place to work or reside.

What is the purpose of building maintenance?

The objectives of building maintenance works are:

(i) To preserve machinery, building and services, in good operating condition. (ii) To restore it back to its original standards, and. (iii) To improve the facilities depending upon the development that is taking place in the building engineering.

Why maintenance is so important?

Normal wear and tear can result in lower machine efficiency. Preventive maintenance assures optimal working conditions and conserves the life span of the equipment. A planned preventive maintenance may cause small hindrance for production, but that is nothing compared to actual downtime caused by a breakdown.

What is the need of maintenance?

The need of maintenance is based on the actual or imminent fail. Ideally, maintenance is carried out to keep equipment and systems running efficiently during at least its usual life cycle. As such, practical functioning of equipment is a function based on time.

What is Maintenance Management Building?

Maintenance Management is an orderly and systematic approach of administrative, financial, and technical framework for assessing, planning, organizing, monitoring and evaluating maintenance and operation activities and their costs on a continual basis.