Why Is It Important To Check Equipment Before Use?

Safety Inspections ensure that all equipment is safe before use.

Of course, the primary purpose of safety is the well-being of employees, but there are also compelling business reasons for using equipment inspections to increase safety.

Workplace injuries lower productivity due to lost work time.

Why should you check equipment before use?

The purpose of an inspection is to identify whether work equipment can be operated, adjusted and maintained safely – with any deterioration detected and remedied before it results in a health and safety risk.

What is importance of inspection?

Why are workplace inspections important? Workplace inspections help prevent incidents, injuries and illnesses. Through a critical examination of the workplace, inspections help to identify and record hazards for corrective action. Health and safety committees can help plan, conduct, report and monitor inspections.

Why is it important to check all equipment regularly?

Regular inspection allows you to take care of your equipment and even greater care of your workers. Avoid fines and serious violations with regular inspections by ensuring safety at all times. Under OSHA law, employers are responsible for maintaining safe workplaces for their employees.

How do you ensure equipment is fit for purpose?

For example:

  • ensure the correct equipment is used for the job.
  • provide personal protective equipment for employees.
  • plan any work to minimise risks identified.
  • use appropriate warning signs.
  • provide appropriate training and guidelines to employees.
  • maintain and check equipment regularly.

Why should you not use damaged equipment?

Why should you not use damaged equipment? Damaged equipment may cause an accident or injury if it is not working correctly. Put a sign on the damaged fixture or fitting to let all staff and clients know of the danger. If the item can be moved, it should be placed in an area that is safe.

How do I know if my test equipment is safe?

Check the electrical supply is safe to use

You should be sure that the electrical supply is safe to use. Regular tests performed by a competent person, using suitable equipment are a good way of reducing risks.